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Behold the Angry Birds Evening Gown

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“Behind every successful man is a strong woman,” so goes the age-old axiom. Indeed, throughout history, there’s been no shortage of examples of wives who have given their all to support their successful husbands.
There are the ones who stand by their husbands as they face career-threatening sex scandals – Hillary Clinton and French journalist Anne Sinclair, wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, come to mind.
There are also the ones who come to their husbands’ aid when they are attacked. The world marveled this past summer when Wendy Deng, spouse of Newscorp (NWS) chief Rupert Murdoch, leapt to the defense of the octogenarian at a phone-hacking parliamentary inquiry in Britain, slapping the comedian who threw a pie of shaving cream at Murdoch’s face and then wiping the foam off his chin.
These amazing examples of supportive wives simply cannot compare, however, with the sacrifice that Teija Vesterbacka, wife of Peter Vesterbacka, the head of Finnish company, Rovio which is famous of being the maker of the incredibly popular mobile app game, Angry Birds, which is available on both Apple’s (APPL) App Store and Google’s (GOOG) Android Market.
Appearing with her husband at a formal gala at the Finnish Palace on Tuesday evening, Mrs. Vesterbacka somehow acquiesed to showing up dressed in a red, off-shoulder Angry Birds gown.

Image: A screen grab of an image of Teija Vesterbacka on Credit: Matti Matikainen

To be fair, Vesterbacka, or whoever she commissioned to design her dress, has actually managed to weave in the trademark ‘angry bird’ into the dress in an understated, almost whimsical manner. But showing up at an event honoring your country’s independence with this kind of product placement is just cheap, no?
The LA Times notes that Rovio is set to launch the world’s first official Angry Birds retail outlet in Helsinki, so perhaps this is also a preview of what to expect from the shop besides the usual brand memorabilia.
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