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The Rise of Female Bodyguards in China

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“There are times when women are stronger and better than men,”, explains Chen Hai Rong, just one in the growing ranks of female bodyguards in China.
As China continues to develop at a breakneck pace, the gap between the rich and the poor has also widened dramatically, and there is growing resentment towards those who have prospered.
Roughly a third of China’s burgeoning millionaire class is comprised of women, as the BBC reports, and many of them are now seeking protection, fearing that their wealth and status will attract crime.
And why a female bodyguard, instead of, say, a Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard-type? Wen Cui, a mercurial Chinese businesswoman who founded a personal security firm, Guodun, after noticing the gap in the market, explains that “female clients prefer women to their often burly male counterparts as they draw less attention - and scandal.”

"If you've got a female bodyguard then you share a room," she says.

"People will think that she's your secretary. But if it's a man, well, then people might get the wrong impression."

Female bodyguards like Chen, meanwhile, are attracted by the relatively well-paying gig - A female bodyguard can earn about $100 a day (China’s average minimum annual salary is $1500).

Of course, to become a bodyguard at Guodun, women like Chen have to go through a six-month boot camp, in which they “learn a whole range of skills including kung fu, surveillance and first-aid.” They also get lessons in etiquette, so they can presumably blend in with their upper-class clients.

China’s not the only country where female bodyguards are popular. Fallen Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was famous for his elite group of female bodyguards, collectively known as the Amazonian Guard. Handpicked by Gaddafi, members of the Amazonian Guard were virgins who could also kick ass.

Given the increasingly income inequality here in the US, which Occupy Wall Street has been a vocal critic of, maybe private security contractors like KBR (KBR), Halliburton (HAL) and Xe Services can also consider hiring and marketing female bodyguards to female multi-millionaires like Christy Walton of Walmart (WMT) or Irene Rosenfeld of Kraft Foods (KFT).
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