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Google Pressured to Quit Chamber of Commerce

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Using Google’s own “Don't Be Evil” motto against it, is trying to urge the technology giant to cease its dealings with the Chamber of Commerce.

The latest fight from the left wing group is taking on the fundraising and lobbying powerhouse that champions conservative causes like weakening regulations on financial institutions and chemical facilities. Yesterday, MoveOn -- one of the progressive side’s most productive advocacy groups -- launched an online campaign to hit the Chamber of Commerce where it hurts: its wallet. And MoveOn hopes the blow will be delivered by Google withdrawal.

The petition reads simply, “Google, stand up for democracy and your users -- quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!”

Politico reported last month that Google has already been mulling over its own departure out of frustration for “paying dues to an organization promoting legislation that would ‘impose new liabilities’ on Google.”

MoveOn is piggybacking off the momentum building against the influential board. Yahoo recently quit due to the Chamber’s support of the Protect IP Act. The board’s approval of the online piracy bill also has the 2,200-member Consumer Electronics Association “comfortably reassessing” its position.

“Given the fact that their mission is to grow the American economy, sponsoring legislation that would harm one sector that is perhaps the brightest spot of the economy is short-sighted,” CEA senior vice president Michael Petricone told the Washington Post. “It makes one wonder what their membership will be like in the future.”

Apple, which implicitly supports the SOPA legislative measure, didn’t stick around the Chamber long enough to stand by its side on this one. It left as part of a mass exodus in 2009 that included Nike, Exelon, and PG&E in protest of the Chamber’s opposition to cap-and-trade legislation.

If Google follows the lead of its technology cohorts, MoveOn believes “it will be huge news and will undermine the Chamber's influence in Washington.”
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