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How to Avoid Incriminating Facebook Photos by Drinking More!

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Has this ever happened to you?

You're enjoying a spirited evening with acquaintances at one of several establishments that happen to be very generous with libations. Conversations become more lively, inhibitions grow lax, and the next think you know, your tongue is tonsil-deep in your coworker's throat.

All right, let me rephrase the original question: How often has this happened to you?

Given the ubiquity of iPhones and Androids with direct access to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr, and other photo blogs with easy tagging, you, your boss, or your mother could easily answer that question. While the images may not be so incriminating as a keg stand atop a pool table or a brief flash of your assets on the dance floor, nearly everyone with a social network presence has a few photographs of themselves they'd rather not have online.

But what can we do? Ask our friends to take down the photos? Destroy any smartphone that flashes in our vicinity? Finally own up to our dangerous relationship with alcohol?

Fortunately, thanks to a solution by South American beer brand Cerveza Norte, we won't have to do any of those things.

Introducing Photoblocker: Cerveza Norte's solution to unwarranted, potentially embarrassing photos taken in bars, pubs, clubs, dives, and lounges. Developed with Buenos Aires-based agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Photoblocker is -- no joke -- a beer cooler which senses cell phone flashes in its vicinity and flashes its own counteractive light, rendering the photos overexposed and the inebriated subjects unidentifiable.

So, essentially, drinking more can actually save your reputation!

According to Fast Company, Del Campo's executive creative director Maxi Itzkoff has already field tested Photoblocker in regional bars and he claims it works splendidly. "We placed several beer coolers in different bars in the North of Argentina," he said. "People took lots of photos that ended up being blurry beyond recognition and then uploaded them to social media anyway."

Only this time, your job, your home, and the custody of your children are still safe and sound.

Check out Photoblocker in action.

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