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Keith Olbermann Is Finished With Twitter Debates

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If you planned on tweeting Keith Olbermann following his show Countdown With Keith Olbermann on Current TV tonight, you’re out of luck. Though the leftist political commentator and talk show host frequently exchanged tweets with fans, followers, and even foes, a potential Twittergate controversy has him now saying “Good night and good luck” to all of them.

Don’t get too excited. He didn’t send illicit photos to a twenty-something college student or glibly exploit the deadly revolt in Egypt to peddle his spring shoe collection. No, no. This is nothing nearly as egregious as the Twitter judgment and etiquette we saw come out of Anthony Weiner’s BlackBerry or Kenneth Cole’s PR people.

Apparently fed up with the recent sparring with Joe Paterno loyalists when he tweeted, “Glad you're more worried about a football team than raped children,” Olbermann finally reached his breaking point this week and finally decided to put the kibosh on comments. Now, after receiving backlash for blocking a follower who he deemed critical of one of his guests, the host says he will no longer respond to messages on Twitter.

In a blog post entitled, “Why I am done with Keith Olbermann,” the spurned follower, named Ceilidh-ann, explained what went down online when she live-tweeted Countdown on Tuesday night.

Olbermann had his friend and comedian Richard Lewis on the show, during which Lewis ranted about the spate of Republican presidential candidates. He went down the line, taking his Tourette’s-styled pot shots at each one: Herman Cain would be lucky to be a doorman at the Bada Bing!; Mitt Romney should’ve been featured on the show Undercover Boss as the owner of a Denny’s or IHOP; and Newt Gingrich is a historian of nothing but himself and his autobiography belongs in hotel rooms next to the Gideon bible. Whatever any of that means.

When it was Michele Bachmann’s turn for the Lewis skewer, he made a disparaging comment about the Congresswoman’s physical appearance and that’s what Olbermann’s follower, a woman, took issue with.

"What do Bachmann's looks have to do with it, Lewis? #Countdown," Ceilidh-ann tweeted, to which Olbermann replied, "you don't insult my friends - by last name - on twitter."

After a couple more exchanges between the two, Olbermann blocked her and then tweeted yesterday, "Ok, my thanks to everybody, but life is brief. TFN I won't be replying to tweets.”

Ceilidh-ann points out what she deems is hypocrisy on the part of Olbermann, who was the provocative voice that taught her to be politically outspoken herself.

“I saw him as someone willing to engage with his audience and learn from his mistakes,” she writes in her blog. “Mr Olbermann, I think what you did was extremely petty. Not just blocking me but blocking anyone who you construe as disagreeing with you or daring to question you.”

Wonder where that qualifies her on Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" list.
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