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Sears Crook Returns Stolen Cash... 60 Years Later

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In a modern-day telling of A Christmas Carol, an elderly Seattle man may have gotten his visit by the Ghost of Christmas Past when he decided to return to the scene of a 60-year old petty crime and finally make it right. Like Ebenezer Scrooge seeing the err of his miserly ways, something (or someone) prompted a man who’d stolen money over half a century ago from one of the nation’s largest retailers to give it back. With interest.

This Monday, a man, who remains anonymous, moseyed up to the customer service desk on the second floor of his downtown Seattle Sears store and handed the representative an envelope addressed to “Sears Manager.” Inside was a $100 bill and a handwritten confession on a piece of cheerful stationery picturing a snow-covered birdhouse. It read:

"During the late [forties] I stole some money from the cash register in the amount of $20-$30. I want to pay you back this money in the amount of $100 to put into your theft account."

And Sears, despite its financial woes, with not only a 4.4% decline in stock price last quarter stock but a poor market performance following Black Friday, was apparently inspired by the bad-deed-gone-good and opted to pay the windfall forward. According to manager Gary Lorentson, the money will go to a local grandmother and her grandchildren that participate in the store’s seasonal charity fund.

One person who could certainly stand to draw some inspiration from this story is the thief who lifted $4000 worth of toys, canned goodsj and blankets from the San Francisco-based Friends of Oakley charity yesterday. One thousand needy citizens, including 800 children and 200 senior citizens were to take part in the holiday party on December 18.

Please, sir or madam, don’t wait 60 years to give this back. Besides, on a sum of money this large, you’ll never be able to afford the interest.
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