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Apple Reveals iPhone 5 in iOS Beta

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Hey! Didja hear? Apple isn't going to terminate its iPhone line!

Well, that isn't much of a surprise, nor is it shocking to hear Cupertino will continue its iPad line. Regardless, it's exciting to see that the new developers beta of iOS 5.1 bears code strings for a third-generation iPad, an Apple TV 3, and -- yes -- an iPhone 5.

9to5Mac delved into the iOS 5.1 firmware and found evidence of future Apple products. Along with three different iPad 3 models -- presumably one for each of the Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint networks -- another iPad 2 model was discovered, which could be relegated to Sprint's 3G network after the rumored iPad 3 unveiling in March.

While it had once been referred to as a "hobby," Apple looks to be continuing development on the Apple TV. Given the codename "J33," the Apple TV 3 isn't likely to be the full iTV set that's been rumored, but could deliver 1080p video streaming and possibly gaming via an updated set-top box.

And embedded along with the iPad 3 and Apple TV 3 code strings was a reference to a new iPhone 5 device.

As 9to5Mac points out, "iPhone 5,1" is the new internal identifier within Apple that refers to the upcoming model. Rather than an "iPhone 4.x" identifier, the "5" indicates major changes to the hardware and hints at an upgrade to an A6 processor. Whether that also means a four-inch screen remains to be seen. But with such an early reference to a future iPhone, a Summer 2012 release becomes more likely.

So, the iOS 5.1 developers beta shows it's business as usual at Apple, and the company will continue to battle Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices with its celebrated product lines.

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