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PETA Condemns Super Mario for 23-Year-Old "Offense"

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You'd think by now that PETA would call off its dogs. Veganism proved to be more than just a trend, adorable cat videos are king on the web, and demand for fringed leather jackets has never been lower.

And yet, the excitable animal rights group continues to target insignificant infractions which damage its credibility. It's gone after the oddball Go Daddy CEO for killing an elephant to feed Zimbabwean villagers. It's lambasted Dodge for putting a chimp in an Evel Knievel suit. And now, it's attacking the Super Mario Bros. franchise for featuring a titular hero who dons a raccoon dog suit to fly.

Bear in mind, the first game to feature the suit was Super Mario Bros. 3 -- which was released in Japan in 1988 -- and iPhone and Android games have pretty much pushed Nintendo and Sony characters from the limelight.

PETA argues that while it may just be a magical "Tanooki" suit in a Nintendo game, actual tanuki are skinned alive for their fur. The group stresses, "By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it's OK to wear fur."

Not to mention spelunking unknown pipes and eating mushrooms from discarded boxes.

But to add some spice to this nostalgic campaign, PETA has developed a Flash video game which pits a skinned raccoon dog against Mario wearing a bloodied, bony Tanooki skin. Called Super Tanooki Skin 2D, the game has players collecting coin and clearing hurdles to try to reclaim their flesh.


However, PETA's game fails to address the escalating hunt for human-sized frog skins -- also featured in Super Mario Bros. 3 -- or the growing trend amongst teens to throw turtle shells at go-karts.

Guess we'll have to wait for Super Tanooki Skin 3D.

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