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Ryanair Boss Thinks Passengers Yearn for In-Flight Porn

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What do customers want in a budget airline? Based on our experience, we’d say greater cabin baggage allowance, more legroom, and more central airport locations (Heads up: Girona is not Barcelona and Beauvais is not Paris). Michael O’Leary, however, would beg to differ: The outspoken CEO of leading European budget airline Ryanair has said that he wants to introduce pay-per-view pornography on his company’s flights.
It’s not quite like porn will be available on seatback screens. According to the Daily Mail, O’Leary plans to launch a Ryanair app that passengers can download onto their smartphones and tablets. Passengers can then use the app to gamble, play games, and, yes, if they’re feeling randy, watch an erotic movie.

“Hotels around the world have it," O’Leary noted, "so why wouldn't we?”

Don’t start planning your next trans-Atlantic trip just yet, though. O’Leary said airborne porn will take at least a year to materialize, as the airline needs to work out a cost-effective way of installing a stable broadband connection on their planes.
As the Mail notes, this isn't the Ryanair boss's first outrageous idea. Previously, he had suggested making passengers pay for using the in-flight bathrooms. Come to think of it, coupled with the new Ryanair media app, that would make a highly lucrative scheme: Passengers who have taken in a skin flick or two are highly likely to step into the bathroom to, um, freshen up.

Southwest Airlines, are you taking notes?
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