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Mark Zuckerberg Returns to Harvard To Find the Next Mark Zuckerberg

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“You know, I could swear he was looking at you when he said the next Bill Gates could be right in this room,” said a fellow student to Mark Zuckerberg’s character in The Social Network after the then-Microsoft CEO delivered a lecture at Harvard.

Perhaps one lucky Harvard computer science undergrad in the audience, during Mark Zuckerberg’s eagerly awaited first official visit back to his alma mater, will become his entrepreneurial “accidental billionaire” successor. Better yet if he doesn’t screw over his best friend in the process, isn't forced to shell out tens of millions in legal settlements, and actually graduates.

Zuckerberg’s return yesterday to his Ivy League roots was less educational and more business, specifically using the visit as a recruiting event as Facebook looks for a new crop of engineers to add to its employee rolls of over 2,000 in Palo Alto.

"This is a great time to come," said Zuckerberg. "There's a lot of really smart people here, and a lot of them are making decisions on where they are going to work when they graduate in the next couple of weeks.”

The crimson carpet event was as coveted as a final club party. Of the scores of students who applied, only 200 were chosen to attend -- with the rejects forced back to their dorm rooms to brood and prove their worth on campus with their own Web projects.
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