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GOP Presidential Candidate: Boycott Florida Orange Juice

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With the Republican presidential primaries fast approaching, long-shot candidates are scrambling for every last bit of media attention to at least get on a few voters' radar. Enter Fred Karger, who’s squeezed up a fresh political stunt hoping to get some media coverage. (What can we say? It worked.)
Clearly hoping to gain support more voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, Karger, the first openly gay GOP presidential candidate, has launched a nationwide boycott of orange juice from Florida because the sunshine state insists on holding an early primary on January 31, 2012, instead of its original March 2012 slot. His anti-O.J. campaign has its own website, on which he writes:

By violating Republican National Committee rules and choosing January 31, 2012 for Florida’s Presidential Primary, you have created havoc in the Presidential selection process. Florida has gained nothing by moving its primary date forward and will remain the fifth contest,” he wrote. “You have caused tremendous disruption and uncertainty in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Florida would rob voters of one of the most important tools they need to make an informed decision: time.

Karger will have you know that this citrus beverage boycott is a more credible tactic than you might think. He's done it before, back in 1978, when he participated in a boycott of Florida orange juice when the Florida Citrus Commission picked up the anti-gay activist Anita Bryant as a spokesperson.
Florida is a key state in any national election, but Karger probably doesn't have many votes to lose among its socially conservative primary voters. Let’s see if the boycott will endear himself to voters in other early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, commodities traders seem unfazed, with orange juice futures up 4.20 points or 2.16% in early Tuesday trading.

Watch Karger explain the boycott below:

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