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Conan O'Brien Exposes Laziness of Mainstream Media

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Look, let's be honest, entertainment news is soul-crushingly insipid.

Although it might draw in the eyeballs, producing your hundredth story on Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan has got to strip even the strongest journalist of his dignity. So as viewers, while we'd ultimately prefer actual news, we can't fault the media for occasionally taking the easy route when going through the motions for Charlie Sheen updates.

But nevertheless, we'd expect them to show a modicum of effort when reporting it.

This week, NBC's former redheaded stepchild Conan O'Brien was shooting his TBS series from his old stomping grounds in New York City. Ending his east coast run on a high note, Conan featured segments of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, the phenomenally great Louis CK, and the host himself presiding over a gay marriage.

Since such a ceremony hasn't yet been televised on a late night talk show, the media figured it was newsworthy enough to devote 30-60 seconds to the story. However, seeing as how it's 2011 and gay marriage is scandalous only to the dimmest of wits, they didn't devote much effort in delivering the news.

Conan elaborates:

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