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In Oakland, Men's Wearhouse Likes the Way the 99% Look

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Oakland, California, is on edge today, with Occupy Oakland trying to shut down business across the city in a general strike. Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza -- or Oscar Grant Plaza, if you prefer -- has been a posterchild for Occupy-related police violence since officials raided the encampment late last month, riling up what's already considered one of the more militant Occupy movements. And although city officials have been more solicitous toward the Occupiers since the outrage over the raid, it wouldn't be crazy to expect some police pushback against demostrations specifically designed to disrupt businesses.

No one really knows what will happen -- there hasn't been a successful general strike in the US since 1946, also in Oakland. The Oakland Tribune is saying it could be the East Bay's biggest demonstration since the Vietnam War, though, with protesters vowing to bring thousands downtown to march on corporations that refuse to close for the day (and on big banks, as a matter of course.)

At least one publicly traded firm has decided to give in. The Contra Costa Times' Matt O'Brien last night tweeted this image of cheap suit purveyor Men's Wearhouse preparing for today's strike. It seems the store has folded like ... well, like a cheap suit.

Image courtesy of Matt O'Brien

Great news for the Occupiers, right? No newly minted interns buying their first formal officewear today.

The discount haberdashers, though, aren't the day's main target for Occupy Oakland. That would be the Port of Oakland, America's fifth-busiest container shipping port. Shutting it down would be a major disruption to commerce, and also a symbolic move against union-busting by big food companies that use the port:

The move is meant to show solidarity with longshoremen in Washington State who are opposing anti-union actions by international grain exporter EGT, (organizer Boots) Riley says, noting that EGT’s parent company, Bunge Limited, an agribusiness and food company, has ties to Wall Street.

Here's a video from Al-Jazeera America further explaining the goals of today's strike:

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