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Herman Cain's "Yellow Flowers" Spot Shows He's the Godfather of Awkward Ads

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Concerned that nothing could beat the aberration that was Herman Cain’s now-famed Smoking Man ad? Fear not, the pizza pusher has outdone himself with his most head-scratching video yet -- an Old West-themed “spoof,” titled “He Carried Yellow Flowers.”

The Cain campaign actually released the ad back in August but, Cain being a then-unknown, it was lost in the sea of YouTube dreck only to be dredged up this week by The New York TimesCaucus blog. Called “the worst ad in the history of politics” by conservative political adman Ladd Ehlinger Jr., it is now, deservedly, a viral sensation.

The nearly four-minute short stars "man’s man" actor Nick Searcy of FX’s Justified and, formerly, HBO’s Deadwood as the cowboy slinging the titular yellow flowers. Before long, our hero is confronted by the bad guys, a couple of drunken, self-described “card-carrying liberals” (you know, the kind of bleeding-heart villains you see in all the old Westerns), and one of them gets a face-full of that “yella” bouquet before we hear “Cut!”

You see, it’s an ad within a movie.

After Searcy breaks cowboy character only to assume that of a Hollywood diva who demands a straw in his margarita (what?), he delivers his real message to the camera:

"I've played a tough guy in a lot of movies over the years. But you know what? Looking cool and saying lines that somebody else wrote for me doesn't make me a real tough-guy, any more than looking cool and reading lines off the teleprompter that somebody else wrote makes a community organizer a real leader." He goes on to say how, unlike Barack Obama, Herman Cain is, in fact, a real leader.

To be fair, not everyone is perplexed by Cain’s unconventional style. In addition to rising poll numbers, Cain is getting some business support in high places. Former GE chairman and CEO Jack Welch, for example, tweeted that he admired Cain’s "no BS clarity" in a Meet the Press appearance.

It'll be tough to top this ad, though. May we suggest an similarly awkward corporate endorsement from, say, the ASUS chairman or perhaps a fellow pizza mogul? I mean, has anyone else noticed how conspicuously quiet Little Caesars has been throughout this whole campaign?

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