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Trademark-Happy Couple Try to Cash In on Occupy Wall Street

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What may go down as one of the most ironic trademarks in US patent history is currently in the process of review. Sure, we’ve seen shameless profiteering as recently as Disney's bid (although later withdrawn) to seek the rights to brand the term "SEAL Team 6," after the Navy unit that killed Osama bin Laden, in order to stamp it on its snow globes. But it’s a new level of travesty to capitalize on something that is, at its very core, anti-capitalist.  

According to The Smoking Gun, Long Island, New York couple Robert and Diane Maresca have filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to, essentially, occupy the Occupy Wall Street movement. While vendors have been cashing in on the demonstrations by peddling “Occupy Wall Street” merchandise at all corners of Zuccotti Park, the Marescas are the first to attempt to turn the movement into a “global brand.”

If the couple gets its way, sunbathing sympathizers will be carrying Occupy Wall Street™ beach bags on their next trip to the coast and popping open their Occupy Wall Street™ umbrellas if it rains.

An iron worker by trade, 44-year-old Robert Maresca proved he also has a “practical business side” with this potentially lucrative trademark. The $975 application fee could be the best investment he’s ever made.

If you’re thinking about picking up “We Are The 99%,” it’s already spoken for by a guy from Brooklyn. Rest assured, Maresca already checked.

As far as seeing an anti-occupy Occupy Wall Street protest materialize, well, let’s just say the movement already has its demonstration dance card filled. This trademark issue will have to get in line behind abolishing the death penalty and shutting down Fox News.

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