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Steve Jobs Warned Apple CEO to Not Be "Steve Jobs 2.0"

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Apple fans and analysts all concur: There won't be another Steve Jobs for quite some time.

His drive, his forethought, his unibody-iron fist -- all made up one of the greatest CEOs the tech world has ever seen. To try to emulate him would be an act of futility.

And Steve knew it.

At last week's memorial tribute to Jobs at Cupertino, CEO Tim Cook shared some memories of the deceased, including a key piece of advice -- one of Jobs' last -- to the new Apple chief. "Among his last advice he had for me, and for all of you, was to never ask what he would do," Cook said.

"Just do what's right," was one of his final recommendations.

He compared that flawed way of running a company to Walt Disney Co, which devoted so much time after Walt's death to continue the company exactly how he would have. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, senior associate dean at the Yale University School of Management, explained to Bloomberg that continuing a former CEO's legacy without being fenced in is quite a challenge -- especially for a company and CEO like Apple and Jobs.

"You've got to be careful you don’t create rituals, which are antithetical to Jobs's own approach," Sonnenfeld said. "He was constantly breaking glass and moving forward. Walt Disney was surrounded by a cadre of creative people who were every bit the equal of Jobs's lieutenants, but they became haunted by the question, 'What would Walt do?'"

While it's not Apple's nature to continue "tried and true" methods, it'll be difficult to break free of Steve Jobs' influential legacy.

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