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Where You Shouldn't Hide Your Passwords

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With literally dozens of logins and passwords spread out across an equal number of sites and apps, it's no wonder the average user tends to forget their secret info. Even with a tried and true system for generating memorable but complex passwords, the formula could easily fall apart if you just can't remember it.

So rather than continually clicking the "Forget Your Password?" help link, folks are readily hiding login information around their computer station.

And given that there's little variety in those secret locations, "hiding" might be a stretch.

Lifehacker writer and former IT admin Adam Henry writes of his days where he was the onsite computer tech and was asked to fix bugs and glitches often when the staff members weren't there. How was Henry able to remedy the problems with the user gone and the computer password-protected? Simple.

Henry writes, "Their password was somewhere on their desk in one of these easy-to-find locations."

The most common locations where folks hide their login info, according to Henry, are:
  • Under the keyboard
  • Under the phone
  • Under the mouse pad
  • On the monitor
  • In the top drawer
  • Under the desk
In other words, you're not doing yourself any favors if your entire system is compromised by a casual, passing glance from someone outside your office window.

Instead of the highly visible Post-It note on the monitor, Henry recommends secure password aggregators like LastPass or 1Password to keep your login information secure.

And if you're a school administrator, it's best not to use "Pencil" as a password.

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