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Residents of Nation's Richest Metro Area Tell "Occupiers" To Get a Job

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Over the past few weeks, Occupy Wall Street has spread across the country and the globe, stirring up controversy everywhere it goes. In Washington, D.C., a small group of dedicated citizens decided to do something about it and planned the first ever “Employ the 99%” counter-protest.

On Tuesday, The Christian Post ran a story about a brave group of Georgetown students and recent graduates who are trying to reach out to protesters. Their idea involved a march to McPherson Square, where many of D.C.’s protesters are camped out, to hand out job applications, college enrollment forms, and military brochures. They will also hold a resume workshop.

The CP article quotes Aaron Buchop, one of the event’s organizers, who says: “This is a counter-protest that functions as outreach. I hope protesters find jobs, create families and become involved in their community.”

The group’s Facebook page is a little less diplomatic. Here's the event description: “Tired of whining protesters? Thursday at noon at the McPherson Square campsite of the Occupy DC crowd, lets hand out job applications, college applications, and military recruitment info. Lets (sic) make the 1% a little bit bigger.”

Leaving aside the question of whether actual one-percenters would be able to distinguish plurals from contractions, the results of two recent demographic studies place the “Employ the 99%” movement in an interesting light. First off, according to Bloomberg, this year D.C. replaced San Jose as the nation’s richest metropolitan area. The typical household in D.C. earned around $84,000 last year, compared to a national average around $50,000. Bloomberg attributes this to both high average salaries for government workers and a prosperous financial class.

Second, a look at Occupy Wall Street’s demographics reveals that the protesters really aren’t that much more unemployed than the rest of the country. According to Fast Company, a recent study of New York’s protesters revealed that only 13.1% are unemployed and over half have full-time jobs.

Perhaps because of these revelations, about an hour before the protest was set to begin, Employ the 99% announced on its Facebook page it would be pushed back. Organizers cited both increased media attention and the fact that “a lot of students are dealing with midterms right now.” They plan to reschedule.

It remains to be seen whether or not “Employ the 99%” will catch on with the rest of the country. That said, according to an -- admittedly unscientific -- Facebook search, the movement is spreading. Students at Ohio State can get together at 5 pm today to tell protesters to get a job.

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