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Prisoner Turns Down Work Release, Objects to "Work" Part

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Patrizia Reggiani has served 13 years of a 26-year sentence for offing her husband with the help of a fortune teller and an out-of-work driver.

But, even though prison officials are willing to release the former Mrs. Maurizio Gucci (yes, as in Gucci Gucci), she's having none of it.

“I’ve never worked in my life, I won’t start now,” she told the panel of judges reviewing her case.

According to Fabio Poletti of La Stampa (with a translation by Worldcrunch), Reggiani has been sharing a cell with a revolving cast of roommates, two plants, and a ferret to replace the one that was hanged by another inmate -- but still seems to enjoy the company.

“They are so nice. They even help me to make the bed,” she says.

Ms. Reggiani is not the first convict to try and extend her stay behind bars.

In April, an Arizona man told jailers that he wanted to remain locked up because he feared reprisals from the Zetas drug cartel for "being a snitch."

So, he did the only thing sure to get him a few extra nights at the inn:

It worked. The inmate, Alexandro Guerrero, was re-arrested on three counts of aggravated assault, and re-booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center.

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