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Google Music Store to Take on iTunes

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For folks who enjoy streaming their music while on the go, the days have never looked brighter. With Spotify, YouTube, Grooveshark, Slacker Radio,, and countless other apps, we're really giving monthly data caps a run for their money.

Android users are currently equipped with their default Google Music app which allows them to upload 20,000 tracks to their online account and have them streamed or pinned to their devices. There are still missing features to be added and some bugs to be ironed out -- it helps that the app is free -- but it's a serviceable tool for the Google flock to enjoy their music anywhere.

And now, Mountain View is adding a store.

Only eight years behind the launch of iTunes, Google is throwing its hat into the online MP3 marketplace ring and will be adding a music store "this quarter." The owner of an independent record label spoke with Business Insider regarding the move. Major catalog titles will debut first with independent artists and more obscure selections following later. The source explained that his distributor told him he had only "a few days to make any concerns known."

This news jibes with earlier reports from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal that a Google Music Store is, indeed, underway.

Now, it just needs to master gapless playback.

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