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Apple Store Not Big Enough for "Jersey Shore" Star's Ego

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If you're already a member of Apple's dedicated flock, heaping endless praise upon the company that seemingly can do no wrong, get ready to love them more.

The Situation -- MTV's resident mongoloid aboard the subhuman excrement train that is the Jersey Shore -- apparently wanted to get himself an iPhone 4S this weekend. And seeing as how Cupertino reported 4 million unit sales for the iPhone 4S' record-breaking debut weekend, the Jackass That Abs Built had a bit of company at Apple Stores.

So, being the recognizable cretin he is, The Situation simply escorted himself into the line mid-queue -- assuming no self-respecting human being would ever dare label his motives as anything but sound and altruistic. Well, one Apple Store employee didn't cotton to that and allegedly kicked the vapid melanoma vessel to the curb.

As Twitter user Laurenn McCubbin explained in a tweet:

Bear in mind, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak -- a man who, by all means, should have been issued the iPhone 7 by now -- waited in line with the rest of the fans.

That's one person who hasn't let Dancing With the Stars get to his head.

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