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What the World Needs Now is a Kim Kardashian Hotel

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Hilton. Sheraton. Kardashian?

With a mere 573 hotels -- 70,955 rooms -- in Dubai, Kim Kardashian believes she has identified an opportunity in the emirate's nascent lodging industry.

"I was telling my sisters, we've got to start up a hotel in Dubai and design all the different rooms and floors," the newly-minted Mrs. Kris Humprhies announced to reporters as she helped open a milkshake shop at the Dubai Mall. "I like to pay attention to what my fan base is really asking for, whether it's hair and make-up, clothing brands...everything I think will be successful here and I look forward to getting to know the people here."

Finally, the endless hordes of Kim Kardashian devotees that throng Dubai each year, only to be let down when they realize their hotel rooms weren't designed by Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney, can relax.

Dubai "has more hotels under construction than any other city in the world" according to, with "97 hotels under development and 35,154 rooms due to come online, more than its rival getaways New York (43), Berlin (49) and even Las Vegas (17)."

Though Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing data shows hotel occupancy rates "flat at 70 per cent across 2010 and 2009," revenues actually grew slightly.

This is partially because Dubai has "proven an oasis of calm amid the chaos of the Arab Spring," report Sitaraman Shankar and Rachna Uppal of Reuters.

"In Dubai 2.0 we're likely to see what we didn't see earlier -- more Arab traffic and more Arab business," Florence Eid, CEO at research firm Arabia Monitor, says. "There's going to be more regionalisation of the region. They used to send petrodollars to the U.S. and Europe and some people used to go to Asia. Now we're seeing Arabs investing in other Arab countries -- Dubai epitomises all of that, even more than ever now, as a locus for this activity."

Kim, maybe this isn't such a sh**y idea, after all! Kim, did you hear that? Kim? Um, Kim? Are you paying attention?

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