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The World's Most Prevalent Social Media Format Has More Users Than Facebook or Google [Infographic]

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As we discuss with keen interest the release of the iPhone 4S or the latest Android device, it’s easy to forget that for a large part of the world, a basic, no frills phone (think something like the Nokia 3100) is much more commonly used than any smart phone. 

What basic and smart phones have in common, of course, is the ability to transmit short messages, and it's this function that has revolutionized the world. Here in America, we can text our votes in to support our favorite Dancing With the Stars contestant (Go Chaz Bono!), while in Afghanistan, police officers can receive their paychecks by text, thus eliminating the risk of bureaucratic corruption.

MBA Online has put together this nifty infographic on the power of text messaging. Check it out to appreciate just how prevalent texting is worldwide and how much it has changed the way the world works.

Slight nitpick though: Guys, where are the statistics on sexting and breaking up over a text message?

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Created by MBA Online

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