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How to Use Siri on Apple's iPhone 4S

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Units have begun shipping and the reviews are pouring in. The general consensus: The iPhone 4S takes Apple's already-amazing iPhone 4 even further.

And now that bloggers have finally gotten a chance to use it, many are heaping praises upon the device's virtual assistant, Siri. Taking Google's Voice Command feature for the Android and improving upon it, Siri utilizes "fuzzy language" to perform simple tasks.

For example, you may ask, "What's the weather like?" or "Tell me the weather outside," and Siri will still invoke the weather widget. A nice change from Android's rigidly designed Voice Command prompts. (Hopefully, Google takes notice.)

But how does Siri react to other requests? Will it answer the ultimate question to Life, the Universe, and Everything? Will it give a sassy reply when asked to open the pod bay doors? Macworld's Jason Snell recently posted a video of his experiences using Siri and offers a glimpse at both the scope and few limitations of Apple's latest and greatest app.

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