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Chinese Counterfeiters "Honor" Steve Jobs' Legacy With Impressive New Line of Cheap, Plasticky Knockoffs

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"The products on sale are fakes," an Apple store employee in Beijing told a reporter from the Global Times. "This time, these factories have a quicker draw on the market than Apple."

As Taiwan's Want China Times reports, a "range of products in memory of the former Apple boss" flooded Shenzhen's Huaqiang North Road market "the moment fans began to pay their condolences to Jobs."


Shenzhen vendors have iPhone 4 cases "emblazoned with a portrait of the late Apple co-founder" on offer, starting at about $1.60 and going all the way up to $4.70.

And according to Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily, commemorative iPad cases "will be released soon."

Oh, wait -- it appears that even fakes of fakes are appearing before the "authorized" ones:

Beating Apple to market is de rigeur in Shenzhen, where fake electronics have long been legendary among tech aficionados:

Wanting to "honor" the man behind the Mac with something more than simply buying a counterfeit accessory, Chinese Apple fans are also picking up knockoff versions of Steve Jobs' famous black turtleneck from St. Croix knitwear.

?? of the People's Daily writes:

An online store owner surnamed Chen told the Global Times that copies of the sweater are selling for 39 yuan ($6) a piece since going on sale on Monday.

"I do the business to show my great respect for the world famous IT scientist who worked in the same field as me," said Chen.

If nothing else, the shanzai Apple products hitting the market in the wake of Steve Jobs' death are slightly more convincing than the "Steve Jobs" introduced last year by Shenzhen's South Holdings Industrial Limited:

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