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North Korea Develops Vital Grand Piano, Catfish Soup Sectors

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Economic news out of North Korea today shows progress in the key small-sized grand piano-making industry and the vital catfish soup sector.

According to state-run news agency KCNA, "Catfish Soup Enjoys Popularity in Pyongyang."

"Many people frequent the Pyongyang Catfish Soup Restaurant on the banks of the Taedong River to take catfish soup," explains the report.

It goes on to note that the "restaurant serves tens of kinds of catfish dishes like soup, boiled dry, salted spawn, integument salad and fermented gill."

Salty. Spawn. Salted spawn?

The uncredited piece further points out that the "hot soup mixed with edible herbs, bean curd, potato, egg and red sauce is very delicious-looking" and that it is the catfish restaurant's "most popular" item.

In other developments, the Pyongyang Piano Joint Venture Company recently "began the production of small-sized grand piano."

To wit:

Based on the experience gained from the production of medium-sized grand piano, the company finished technological preparations for its manufacture by its own efforts and with indigenous technology in a matter of little over 2 months such as outer box with a complicatedly curved surface and more than 100 instruments.

The small-sized piano is very comfortable for use at cultural houses, educational institutions and private houses.

Finally, a "national contest among traveling art squads of youth shock brigades," which took place at the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex," drew to a close today.

150 youngsters who are apparently trained to shock, but also have a sensitive, artistic side, performed a poem called "Minds of Smelters", a "witticism" by the name of "New Appearance of Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex," as well as "band music" and a song entitled "Our Country Is Witnessing Changes," which were "acclaimed by the audience" and "greatly encouraged the workers of the complex in their drive to achieve a boost in their production."
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