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Steve Jobs Turtlenecks "Flying Off Shelves"

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The tributes to Steve Jobs after his death on Wednesday came in many forms:

Flowers were placed outside Apple stores worldwide.

Today's New York Times crossword puzzle pays homage to Jobs.

And news of Jobs' death nearly set a Twitter record, prompting 10,000 tweets per second.

The outpouring of emotion for a modern chief executive was, in a word, staggering.

“I have no doubt that without Steve Jobs my life would be a lot harder. His products have inspired me,” Tom Reynolds, 37, told the New York Post. “Everyone copied his ideas. He pushed us all forward and changed the world, and that’s testament to a true genius. I hope his legacy lives on.”

It will, sort of.

“The man made quite an impact, even outside of computers,” St. Croix knitwear founder Bernhard Brenner tells the paper.

According to Brenner, Jobs bought "about 12 of the shirts a year" -- "the shirts" being the famous mock turtleneck made famous in countless cameo appearances over the years:

Now, the $175 tops are "flying off shelves nationwide."

A St. Croix sales rep tells TMZ that the company has seen an "almost 100% increase in sales" since news of Jobs' death broke.

While the "Cotton & Microfiber Classic Long Sleeve Mock" (with the surprisingly appropriate model number of "1990") is still in stock at the official St. Croix shop, other retailers appear to be selling out, fast -- even the decidedly non-Jobsian "teak" version is unavailable:

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175 bucks. And all this time, we thought the guy shopped at the Gap.
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