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VIDEO: The Day Thomas Edison Died

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Weston McCready, Technorati:

On Wednesday evening, this October 5th, in Palo Alto, California the world lost one of the most innovative minds since Thomas Edison. We bid farewell to the founder of Apple computers, Steve Jobs.

Damian Reece, The Telegraph:

Jobs will join the pantheon of other historic business geniuses and innovators, including Henry Ford and his eponymous motor car company and Thomas Edison and his light bulb making GE company, as a man who changed the world by changing, or improving, the lives of ordinary people all over the world.

Kevin Smith, director:

Our parents had JFK, we had Steve Jobs. Edison gave us electricity, Jobs gave us the Jetsons in real life. We lost an icon today. Mourn him.

The comparison between the legendary Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison has been made by many upon the Apple founder's passing. With that, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at how the world reacted to Edison's death, in 1931, at the age of 84:

However, like any great inventor, Edison -- who was granted 400 patents in eight years -- had his share of misses among the hits:

But Lucas Shaw of The Wrap is among the few who dismisses the Jobs-Edison comparison. As he wrote in August:

Apple's Steve Jobs Is Thomas Edison? Walt Disney? Nope, Jesus.
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