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Kim Jong Il's Grandson Still Has a MySpace Account

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This weekend, the South Korean media exposed the Facebook and Twitter accounts of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's son, Kim Jong-nam, and grandson, Kim Han-sol.

However, as is to be expected, his MySpace page didn't even warrant a mention.

Jong-nam and Han-sol have been "living in virtual exile in Beijing and Macau" after falling out with the Dear Leader over Jong-nam's reformist ideas and a 2001 escapade which involved a forged Dominican passport and an ill-advised attempt to visit Disneyland Tokyo.

Evidently, the folks in Pyongyang expressed reservations over the online exposure, as "Jong-nam deleted two of Han-sol's IDs among his 71 Friends, apparently to prevent others from accessing his Facebook page via his son's page," according to the Chosun Ilbo.

Kim Han-sol and girlfriend, on now-deleted Facebook page

Han-sol's Twitter account also quickly disappeared:

There are still some remnants of Kim Han-sol's online life that have been saved and re-posted. The odd YouTube comment:

"Well, let me set things clear for you. I'm a North Korean living in Macau, ok? and by the way, there is Internet in NK (North Korea), I've set up a satellite communication system there. Long live DPRK."

But, like most everyone else in the modern world, Han-sol appears to have forgotten about his MySpace account, which we uncovered after a quick search. Han-sol's page, as of this writing, was still publicly viewable:

Naturally, Han-sol seems to have quickly lost interest in the also-ran service, as he stopped updating his page almost immediately after posting a music playlist:

What?! "Song of National Defence" is perched up top at #2 and the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble's "Kimchi Song" is nowhere --but nowhere -- to be found??

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