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Elizabeth Warren's Class Warfare Speech By the Numbers [Infographic]

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As readers will no doubt recall, Elizabeth Warren briefly became a household name about three weeks ago when a You Tube video featuring the Senate candidate mad as heck and not wanting to take it anymore went viral. 

Americans across the country forwarded the video to friends on the left and right, sensing that Warren's impromptu speech about the deficit, a fair tax policy and the so-called "class warfare" charge against her party was a historical moment, not to be missed. It was just the kind of rhetoric the Democrats needed, said media pundits, who also admired Warren's inspiring delivery.

Now Online MBA Programs has taken the text of that speech and deconstructed it, fact-by-fact. They've added graphics to illustrate her key points. The result is an infographic that will bring fire to the bellies of Occupy Wall Street protesters everywhere.

Created by: Online MBA Programs

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