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"Toilet Bike" Runs on Human Waste AS YOU RIDE

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Okay, someone's finally done it. Question is, what took so long?

From TreeHugger:

Never dreamed poop could get you blazing down the asphalt? Well, now it all comes true as Japan's biggest toilet maker, TOTO, takes the toilet on the road with its launch of the Toilet Bike Neo, a bike that's powered entirely by human waste. The bike runs on biogas converted from feces that is harvested directly from the driver -- who sits on the bike's toilet-styled seat.

So, you don't want to continue supporting ExxonMobil and BP? How about fueling up with McDonald's and Pizza Hut, instead?

The s**t-mobile been attempted before...

...but took Japanese know-how to get it right. Plus, if it's bad-assedness you're after, what's cooler than a feces-powered bike?
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