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New Service Handles Your Passwords After You Croak

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In the last decade or so, a new service has emerged from binding social contracts between the best of friends: the Post Mortem Sweeper.

This, of course, refers to the clean-and-sweep service carried out only by the most understanding of compatriots after your death. This savior will rid your domicile of incriminating and embarrassing items -- porn, bongs, crimson-stained blunt objects -- before your more impressionable loved ones arrive at the scene.

As far as they are left to believe, you've always been a good, sweet boy. Thus, your legacy remains pure.

But not every posthumous task can be carried out by a close and dear friend. What about the passwords you want to distribute after your death but wish to remain private while you're alive and kicking?

That's where PassMyWill comes in.

PassMyWill stores the passwords to the services you wish to be tended to after you croak -- Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, your iPhone, etc. The service will periodically check in with Facebook and Twitter to see that the accounts are active and you're continually updating your profiles. As soon as a certain length of time passes where no updates are given, PassMyWill sends you an email directly to see if you still have some life in you. Should it receive no reply, the service sends emails to a preselected list of recipients.

At that point, your passwords are unlocked, and your Death Crew uses passkeys -- which you've given them directly -- to access the passwords. And the post mortem dance begins!

It's a grim but reassuring service. However, depending on your health, you may have to keep checking if the company itself is still alive and kicking.

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