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Cuba Legalizes Auto Sales for First Time

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Voice of America is reporting that Cuba "has legalized the sale and purchase of automobiles for its citizens for the first time since the 1959 revolution."

Says the news service:

The government announced the move in April, but sales were on hold until the measure was published into law Wednesday. The new policy had been expected as part of a series of reforms being undertaken by President Raul Castro to ease state controls on the economy.

The new regulations provide for “the transfer of ownership of vehicles for purchase, sale or donation among Cubans living on the island or foreigners who are residents of Cuba.” Foreign residents living temporarily on the island will be limited to buying or importing up to two cars during their stay.


Previously, only automobiles that were in Cuba before the 1959 revolution could be freely bought and sold, which is the reason there are so many vintage cars, many of them U.S.-made, on the island's streets. Many Soviet-made vehicles can also be found on Cuban roads.

In June, we took a look at the cars available to Cubans on the island's own ersatz version of Craigslist, called, which sells everything one might find on the actual article -- save the hookers, murderers-for-hire, and the like:

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Viva capitalismo!!!!!
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