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Hallmark Releases "Sorry You Lost Your Job" Sympathy Cards

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According to the latest statistics, 9.1% of Americans are out of work.

According to Hallmark, that means approximately one extra card to buy for every ten visits to CVS.

The largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the US has launched a new line of unemployment sympathy cards. Since Hallmark already covers nearly every facet of personal milestones (birthdays, graduations), social events (weddings, anniversaries), and insignificant occasions (losing a tooth, Arbor Day), it seems natural for it to put a comedic spin on an unceasing global pestilence.

One card reads, "Don't think of it as losing your job," on the cover. Inside, "Think of it as a time out between stupid bosses."

Oh, Hallmark humor.

While it might seem insensitive to summarize someone's threatened livelihood with $3.49 worth of cardboard, WTHR spoke with Indiana drug store employee Michelle Crowthers-Lunczynski who found the cards delightful.

"Getting a card like that and somebody caring is fabulous," Crowthers-Lunczynski said. "The crazy part to think about this is there's so many people laid off. At least someone's caring enough to you know, get a card and say, 'I'm thinking of you'."

Though the grace period in bestowing such a card is probably within a month or so of losing a job. Afterwards, yeah, it might get a little ugly.

As for those who continue to subject themselves to the drudgery of unfulfilling jobs, Hallmark has yet to address the subject. Luckily, Someecards has.

Check out WTHR's coverage of Hallmark's new card line below:

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