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What Did Crowded NY Subway Stations Need? Phone Calls!

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You're waiting for the C train at 23rd and Eighth. You're shoulder-to-shoulder in a rush hour crowd. It's almost October, and yet, the station is sweltering. Just as you try to drown out the outside world with some earbuds, you hear an obnoxious ringtone and some jackass whips out his iPhone.

"Randy! Yeah, I'm waiting for the C train! No! The C train! Randy! You there?! Hang on! Can you hear me now?! Randy?! No, I can hear you! I'm gonna be late! Listen, tell George I'm gonna be late! No! LATE!!"

As if New Yorkers weren't already on the verge of garroting every stranger that brushes their arm on a cramped subway platform, cell phone users will soon have phone reception in no less than four different subway stations. Starting next week, AT&T and T-Mobile customers will be able to send texts, surf the web, and yes, make phone calls in a handful of stations in Midtown.

The stations that about to get much chattier, according to the New York Times: C and E platforms at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue; the A, C, E, and L platforms on 14th Street and Eight Avenue; the F, M, and L platforms at 14th Street and Sixth; and the 1, 2, and 3 platforms at the Seventh Avenue station, also on 14th Street.

Fortunately, those with Verizon and Sprint will only get dead air.

The new phone access won't only disrupt harried commuters who just need an iota of peace before making it back to street level, but will also entice an already booming market: cell phone theft. According to Gothamist, subway crime has increased 16.6% since last year, with smartphone theft amongst the top offenses.

So while many are going to see an explosion in loud conversations, take solace in the fact that they just might get cut short unexpectedly.

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