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Dear US Citizen, Norway Wants Its $67 Back -- An Infographic About the Flow of US Debt

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First, the good news: US government debt is still considered a source of refuge for fearful investors. That much became clear once again this week as the worsening debt crisis in Europe sent US 30-year bonds to new highs. As we publish this story, investors are pushing the bonds toward their biggest weekly gains in almost three years.

Nevertheless, the country's deficit situation is disastrous, as we all came to understand all too clearly this past summer. Today the US deficit stands at more than $14.7 trillion, according to the real-time national debt clock. The enormous burden has put our economic growth at risk while sparking a divisive political debate over spending cuts vs. tax increases, and who we are as a country.

So what does all of this mean to the average citizen? How would government debt affect us? Online MBA took this look the countries that hold US debt and how much each country owns. Going further, the team of researchers broke down the amount each US citizen would owe foreign countries should those nations demand their money back now. It's a scenario that would never play out exactly this way, but it helps put the numbers in perspective. Take a look at the results, if you're feeling brave.

The Great Flow of US Debt
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