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Infographic: What Videos Are We Watching at Work?

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A few weeks ago, Minyanville shared a report by Business Insurance Source which detailed how Americans are overworked. Compared to the rest of the world, Americans have no legally mandated vacation time but, by and large, work over 40 hours a week. Stress-related diseases have skyrocketed and even our marriages are suffering from work responsibilities. So what do we do to keep our spirits up while our souls are being crushed?

We watch online videos.

According to Wistia, 64% of employees admit to watching online videos while on the job. We sneak a peak at YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix with devices hidden under tables, inside folders, even in bathroom stalls. If it's not a viral video or a news story, it's TV shows, full-length feature films, and -- dare we admit -- porn. And yet, 37% are brazen enough not to care to be caught.

Either their bosses are extremely lenient or, more likely, they are the bosses.

Take a gander at Wistia's infographic on our surreptitious viewing habits. (You can hide it in between the tabs for Dailymotion and

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