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Infographic: How to Whine About US Mobile Carriers

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During one of his frequent guest appearances on Conan, the inimitable Louis CK decried the lack of patience and appreciation we have as a society. "Everything is amazing and nobody's happy," he said in the now-famous clip. As a comedian, Louis has an incredible knack of putting the world into perspective and belittling the modern problems which ruin our day. Air conditioning won't go on high? Seat in coach won't recline enough? ATM only has twenties?

Today, the common description for such predicaments is "First World Problems." The daily trials and tribulations of a society which doesn't have to continually sidestep landmines and hunt for the one creek with semi-fresh water. Complaining about such non-issues is a terrible character flaw which many of us are guilty. Our only hope is to catch them before they're said.

In particular, cellphone whining. Louis maligned the "crappiest generation of spoiled idiots" who can't give phone signals a single second to "go into space."

And he's right. We criticize the iPhone 5 because it won't likely support 4G. We condemn the Motorola Droid Bionic because of its Pentile screen. And we wouldn't dare touch a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile Phone for the lack of developer support.

Devices aside, we rarely have good things to say about mobile carriers. While instant communication 99% of the time is a technical marvel, we can't help but find fault in the networks which provide the service.

It's petty, it's childish, and we all do it. And yet, when they're aggregated and laid out before us in blogs like First World Problems, White Whine, and Harris Wittels' fantastically nuanced Twitter account Humblebrag, they're definitely good for a laugh at the complainer's expense.

Holding a mirror up to our shallow cellphone complaints, Alex Schmidt created an infographic entitled Mobile Madness which details our typical diatribes for our most common mobile carriers. Although Sprint is likely to support the iPhone 5 in the coming month, all the complaints hold true.

Give it a read and count how many you're guilty of.

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