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HOT TAGS: Coming to the iPhone!

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Pandora? Google Music? iTunes Match? Spotify?

Nope. This year's best music streaming service is simply for being the most fun and original way to listen to and discover music. And TechCrunch reveals that it's headed for the iPhone.

Becoming a runaway hit over the summer, creates a virtual chat room which lets up to five users to DJ a room. Their avatars stand behind five laptops and take turns streaming a preselected playlist to everyone who enters the room. (DJs can also upload tracks if the song isn't yet on's servers.) The other users can then rate the songs "Lame" or "Awesome," which ranks up the DJ. For anyone who's given the site a whirl, you know how incredibly addicting it can be.

But soon, being unable to sit still for hours at your computer won't be a viable excuse. According to TechCrunch, a app will launch next week. The app replicates the look of the site as it appears on your browser down to the crowd, approval dial, and laptop logos. Preliminary reports claim it's very solid over Wi-Fi but still a little spotty over 3G.

Unfortunately, there's no word as to when it'll make its way over to Android.

As for now, TechCrunch provided us with a few screenshots as a reminder that tiered data plans are an affront to our happiness.

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