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Yahoo Staffers Despised Carol Bartz as CEO

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Yesterday, All Things D broke the news that Carol Bartz was out as CEO of Yahoo. After 32 months, the firebrand executive -- brought in to clean up the mess that Jerry Yang left behind -- found the company to be in greater disarray than previously thought. During her tenure, Bartz introduced layoffs and cut Yahoo projects like Geocities and Delicious, but failed to pick up the company and dust off the apathy. Heck, she could barely explain what Yahoo was coherently.

Once she was ousted, Bartz sent the staff an email from her iPad which read:

To all,

I am very sad to tell you that I've just been fired over the phone by Yahoo's Chairman of the Board. It has been my pleasure to work with all of you and I wish you only the best going forward.


Unfortunately for her, the email was likely met with much rejoicing.

Bartz leaving her position as CEO comes on the heels of another notable exit, namely Steve Jobs' departure as chief executive of Apple. However, that particular job change was not only willful, it was met with much bittersweet respect.

According to Glassdoor -- a site which collects employee reviews of their company and leaders -- Jobs scored a 97% approval rate from his employees. While he may not have won an equal amount of support from outside the company, he was certainly admired and respected from within. Others like Google CEO Larry Page and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg both earn high marks with 96% and 91%, respectably.

Compare those to Bartz, whose employees saddled her with a 33% approval rating.

To put that into perspective, former CEO Jerry Yang had a 43% approval rating when he left his position. To put that into even greater perspective, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer currently has a 45% approval rating.

Glassdoor includes a chart which plots Bartz's decent from "a welcome to change" to "please, someone do something about her."

As you can see, 33% is actually up from her Q2 2011 approval rating of 24%.


The acrimony doesn't end there, as Glassdoor also included testimonials from Yahoo staffers who were quite displeased over Bartz's leadership -- or lack thereof. Here are a few quotes from the disgruntled:

"No strong leadership with vision & execution. Especially lacks execution." – Yahoo Principal Engineer (Sunnyvale, CA)

"Be straightforward with the real problems Yahoo is facing and focus on the core business rather than spread the money over many irrelevant projects that are destined to die from the day they start." – Yahoo Employee (location n/a)

"Very low employee morale is taking a toll on those who still want to work here. Upper management gives the same raa-raa speeches with little to back up the talk." – Yahoo Employee (Sunnyvale, CA)

"Lack of numbers drive decision making, lack of customer focus. Top leadership denies the world changed so we are still pursuing the portal business when the world rapidly changes to mobile, apps, social networks and location based personal solutions." – Yahoo Product Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

"Keep fighting the good fight; keep employees motivated, and reward them for doing well! Do better at identifying top talent and nurturing, stimulating, and retaining that talent." – Yahoo Technical Yahoo (Sunnyvale, CA)

"Go away already!" – Yahoo Web Analytics Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

"Please stop making senseless speeches about your vision and strategic plans. Instead, focus more on quality engineering and addressing the platform problems. Please don't attempt to save a few bucks by outsourcing." – Yahoo Technical (New York, NY)

Hopefully, Bartz notes the media coverage of her job termination and performance review and realizes that, yeah, it's probably for the best.

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