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Skynet, They Ain't

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When one envisions a robot war, a few images come to mind. Terminator. Transformers. RoboCop. Gears grinding, metal crunching, fuel lines torn. Just an all-out screeching, slamming, sparking battle royale.

No one tends to think of a fight between robots as a tiff over semantics with passive-aggressive frustration barely surfacing. But if we want to prevent the human race from becoming enslaved to sentient mech-warriors, we should at least develop AI civilized enough to have an argument without it devolving into fisticuffs.

And that's what the designers at Cornell's Creative Machines Lab have achieved: Bickering, yet congenial chatbots.

In science's effort to create artificial intelligence so advanced that it can fool a human into thinking it's a fellow human, Cornell has designed Cleverbot -- an artificial chat participant that displays just slightly less social comprehension than your average IT employee.

And to have a little bit of fun -- or imminent doom once it starts learning -- the lab pitted two Cleverbots against each other to see where the conversation ended up.

The results are fantastic.

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