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Is This the iPhone's New Look?

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As we continue to conjecture the stats and specs of the iPhone 5 -- some with evidence better than others -- various sources claim to have the inside scoop on the actual look of the device.

Earlier this year, This Is My Next rendered a mockup of the iPhone 5's new dimensions.

As you can see, while the screen takes up more real estate, the casing itself is shorter and wider than the iPhone 4. It has a slimmer thickness with a "teardrop" taper from top to bottom -- similar to the MacBook Air. And the Home Button on front has been elongated a tad -- better reflecting the new dimensions -- and is apparently "gesture sensitive."

While 9to5Mac and MacRumors were originally dubious, new evidence shows that This Is My Next may have been on the right track.

9to5Mac posted a screenshot of the latest beta to Apple's Photo Stream, and it includes an iPhone 5 icon bearing very similar dimensions and elongated button. Working off that icon, the site also mocked up its own rendering of the iPhone 5's new look.

And the two look awfully similar.

So, yes, we're still working off tidbits of unconfirmed hearsay until the official unveiling. But it's still quite a coincidence.

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