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Chinese-Made Qurans Riddled With Typos

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What isn't made in China these days?

If you said "Qurans" (or Korans, Qur'ans, or Qur'ans), you would be...wrong.

It seems that certain Iranian publishers have been outsourcing their Quran-printing duties to China, where the cost of production is, naturally, lower. And, according to Kenneth Tan of Shanghaiist, they're "none too happy" with the results.

Writes Tan:

China has got the entire world's market of religious paraphernalia cornered. Not only have Chinese manufacturers been making everything from statues of Guru Nanak (revered by the Sikhs), to Hindu gods such as Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesh, to the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico, they've also been edging out producers of Ramadan lanterns and keffiyehs in the Middle East.

Now, apparently, even publishers in the Islamic Republic of Iran have been quietly outsourcing the printing of their Qurans to China, to save on printing costs. Unfortunately, many of the made-in-China Qurans have come out full of spelling errors. And the problem has been deemed serious enough by Ahmad Haji-Sharif, Director of the Department of Evaluation on Publication of the Holy Quran, to ask importers NOT to bring in Qurans from China.

We'll have to see if China now refuses to import certain Iranian products that seem to suffer from similar issues:

Those who live in glass houses, Mahmoud...

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