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Does America Have More CEOs or Hairdressers? A Labor Day Infographic

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Just in time for Labor Day, President Obama announced today that he has chosen Princeton University Economist  Alan Krueger to Chair the Whitehouse Council of Economic Advisors. The move has reassured many, and seems especially timely. Krueger is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost labor experts; one of his best known studies showed that raising the minimum wage doesn't cause a decrease in employment, contrary to some popular thinking. (Krueger is also an expert on taxation and terrorism, and a frequent contributor to the popular press, including the New York Times.)

While announcing Krueger's appointment, President Obama again promised to unveil a new jobs plan -- one with bipartisan appeal -- sometime after this holiday weekend. According to sources quoted in the Los Angeles Times, the proposal should include "tens of billions of dollars to renovate thousands of public schools and a tax break to encourage businesses to hire new workers."

Support from both sides of the aisle may be essential, but it's the average citizen the president should be wooing, argues Robert Reich, former U.S. secretary of labor and current professor of public policy at UC Berkeley. In an op-ed piece published yesterday, Reich said, "To be re-elected, the president has to come out fighting on the side of average people. The jobs and wages depression that started in 2008 continues. More than 25 million Americans are looking for full-time jobs, and median wages continue to drop." 

Reich goes on to list his own 10-point plan for a bold jobs plan and adds that a 2012 election battle over a such a proposal might give Democrats the opportunity "to call Republicans on their big lie that smaller government leads to more jobs."

With work and wages on our mind, clearly, and Labor Day fast approaching, the folks at Credit Donkey decided to put together this visualization of our current employment market. Its surprising statistics might not help you protect a cherished political position, but the bevy of benign facts might help ease you out of a few inevitable backyard debates this weekend. Could be handy if tempers get heated.

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