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Day in the Life of Steve Jobs

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Since it wasn't covered much in the news, you may not have heard that Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple last week. The head honcho responsible for the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and all things with a lower-case-I prefix, Jobs leaves behind an unparalleled legacy and big shoes to fill. But doing his best to step into them, COO Tim Cook will take control as chief executive and run the show in Steve's place. In the meantime, Jobs will remain on the company's Board of Directors, offering up his two cents -- $360 billion worth.

Despite no longer being the man behind the curtain, Jobs still presumably has a full day of work. But what exactly will Steve be doing? The Joy of Tech hedges its best guess at what the former CEO has on his daily schedule.

Give or take a call to Tim.

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