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Apple Employees Give Their Former Boss an A

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It goes without saying that Steve Jobs must've given one hell of an exit interview. The man behind some of our most revolutionary and treasured devices in the 21st Century ought to feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride.

And he wouldn't be the only one.

The site Glassdoor -- which allows employees to rate and rank their current employers -- surveyed over 800 Apple employees for their overall rating for their former boss, Steve Jobs. And based on his tenure as the head of one of the largest companies in the world, Jobs aced the test -- earning a 97% approval rating from his staff.

And unlike the very products he spearheaded, that's without a curve.

According to T3, "This makes Steve Jobs one of the most popular and successful CEOs ever rated on the site, not just in the technology industry but across all sectors."

Comparatively, Google CEO Larry Page gets a 96%, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg squeaks by with a 91%, and -- most telling -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer fails with a 46%.

Well, that's what you get for sitting in the back of the class and not paying attention.

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