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Infographic: How Crazy Are Mobile Patent Suits?

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Messier than a Floridian butterfly ballot.

More convoluted than the London Underground.

Able to confound billion-dollar legal teams in a single glance.

Look! Down on the subpoena!

It's Nortel! It's Motorola!

It's the Mobile Patent Suits!

If there's any sign that patent litigation between the tech giants have gotten out of hand, just take a look at the excess of patent acquisitions as of late. The largest international corporations are buying up patents by the thousands to guarantee Mutually Assured Destruction in the Tech Patent Cold War of the 21st Century.

Still, that won't stop them from suing each other in unending bouts of litigation.

And to visualize just how insane suits in the mobile sector have gotten, Reuters compiled a infographic spiderweb of the plaintiffs and defenders in these ongoing court cases.

If only innovation, not legal protection, was a number one priority.

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