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BlackBerry Ad Accidentally Features, Promotes Android

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You know those moments in low-budget action sequences when you can clearly pick out the stunt double? The hair might not match up, or the jaw line's all off. It can really take you out of the film and make you realize that it's all just make-believe. Similarly, while it had us going for a few seconds, Research in Motion reminded us that we were watching an ad for a BlackBerry.


We caught a glimpse of its stunt double.

In RIM's latest ad for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 -- both of which have garnered some lukewarm reviews -- pitchmen hype the device's "fast, fluid BlackBerry experience" in a "stylish, all-touch form factor." The featured players seem genuinely excited to be testing out the new device which, according to some stilted ADR, features the new "BlackBerry 7 OS."

But if the voiceover added in post wasn't jarring enough, the video during that moment is not of the BlackBerry Torch nor of BlackBerry 7 OS. It's an Android device. At 00:14, you can clearly see the Android Home button, the recognizable toolbar, and HTC Sense keyboard.

We realize RIM needs to take a cue from Google and Apple to stay in the race, but the company may have taken that too literally.

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