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Nobody Didn't Report That Abercrombie-Situation Story

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Have one objectionable party wage an war with another equally objectionable party, and it's gotta get a mention.

This week, the cheap and tacky retailer Abercrombie and Fitch attempted a PR stunt reversal by asking Jersey Shore jackass The Situation to stop wearing its clothing. Already a far cry from a reputable brand, A&F had already sold a shirt that bore the phrase "Fitchuation" and hid away a handicapped employee because she didn't fit the company's "Look Policy."

So, clearly, this isn't a brand that wants anything to do with something as contemptible as the Jersey Shore.

The story and hypocrisy made for widespread coverage. Just how huge? Sometimes a tweet says it all, courtesy of the New York Times' David Itzkoff:

OK, how about another one from the person who broke the story, the Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Holmes:

All right, just one more to seal the deal, courtesy of everyone's favorite Taiwanese News Team, NMA:

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