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Gallup: Washington, D.C. Only Place in U.S. That Believes Economy is "Getting Better"

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How's the economy looking to you? Or, as Gallup asked respondents in its Economic Confidence Index, released yesterday, "How would you rate economic conditions in this country -- as excellent, good, only fair, or poor? Right now, do you think economic conditions in this country as a whole are getting better or getting worse?"

The following chart tells you all you really need to know:

Washington, D.C.'s economic confidence index is +11. In second place is North Dakota, where those optimistic folks' collective rating comes in at... -13.

According to Gallup, those in D.C. have been bullish on the flaccid economy, well, ever since it's been firmly planted in the sh--tter:

"Its 12-point increase in confidence compared with the same period a year ago expanded its lead."

Oh, and let's not forget the places where the job creators in government own homes.

"Maryland and Virginia -- states adjacent to the nation's capital -- are also in the top 10 in confidence, as they were in the first half of 2010," reads the report.

Gallup notes that many believe "the relative economic optimism of those in the nation's capital and the states around it -- and its relative increase this year in Washington -- reflects their insulation from what is happening in the rest of the economy," and admits that this: at least partly true because those living in and around D.C. benefit from having the federal government as their major industry. And, unlike state and local governments, the federal government has continued to grow even as many other industries have not during the recession and its aftermath.

People in farming and energy producing states also showed more confidence than the average, though none of their index scores came close to positive territory. On the flip side, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida -- all states affected by the BP spill -- shifted deeper into negative numbers than the year before.

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